Archive settings in microsoft Outlook


Outlook users are happy to use a number of features in their email which really help them in managing their email. The ones who wish to keep their Outlook account clean as well as run faster, then they can attempt to set up the feature of AutoArchive which is of much benefit to you. You will be able to manage the space of your mail by shifting older items to any other location of the hard drive. If you are really not confirmed as to how to manage archive settings in Outlook, then calling an Outlook technical support service will really help you accomplish this task. However the following instructions are also very advantageous for the users in helping them managing archive settings in their Microsoft Outlook account:-

  • First you need to click on the window named Options
  • Now you have to click on the option Advanced and then on the button named AutoArchive Settings
  • Now the window AutoArchive will appear and everything is grey in there. Now check the box beside Run AutoArchive every.
  • Next you need to select the settings for which you wish to manage the feature named Auto-archive. You can chose as to at what time you wish it to run or where to shift your items as well as other actions. Once you have made the selections then click on OK

With the help of the instructions stated above, you can easily manage the Archive settings in Outlook and also provide this knowledge to your friends and family members. However in case you are just exhausted after failing in following these steps, then all you can do is to contact Outlook support staff that is quite competent to decipher any problem pertaining to Outlook. They are just the best professionals who have managed to fix the problems faced by you. Since they have immense experience with them so they can easily decode the problems experienced by the users. A fast Outlook service is highly desired by the ones who want their problems to be fixed on an early basis. Hence if you are the one who is yearning for a lightening fast solutions, then call Outlook tech support helpline number instantly.