Best Way To Organize Outlook


Microsoft Outlook 2007, a personal information manager, has been replaced by Outlook 2010 for Windows and Outlook 2011 for Mac. Outlook is known for its e-mail functionality. It also provides you with a calendar, contact manager, task manager, note taking capabilities and a journal. You can use Microsoft Outlook as a standalone application.

Use Rules
Using the rules in Microsoft Outlook is a way you can manage your e-mails with the larger order. The definition of a rule is an action that Outlook works as soon as an e-mail either sent or arrives, provided that you have set conditions in the rule. For example, if you receive e-mails from someone you know regularly, you can use a rule to flag the messages to be marked for follow-up, categorized by the person's name and moved to a folder with that person's name.

Junk Mail
Outlook allows users to deal with junk e-mail more effectively. Junk e-mail is unsolicited e-mail you do not like, such as ads for sites and messages for marketing schemes. The default setting in Outlook Junk E-mail filtering is “Low”, but you might want to have more security. If you do, you just need to raise the setting to “High” by going to “Settings” tab in the “Junk E-mail Options” dialog box. Remember to check your e-mail folder junk periodically to see that Outlook does not accidentally filter out legitimate messages.

Color Categories
Become more organized with Microsoft Outlook features to create and assign color categories to identify and organize items that have an association. Related Topics may be email messages, notes, appointments or contacts. Assign a color category associated elements allows you to quickly track and order them. You can assign more than one color category elements.

Microsoft Outlook, you can mark either a contact or an e-mail to better organize yourself. The purpose of flagging is to help you remember to follow up on a contact or a message in some way. Flags have dates marked “Today” or “tomorrow”. Flag of contacts appear in the contact table views, while the flag of e-mails appears in your e-mail views.

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