Configure Outlook Account On MAC


Are you Outlook Account holder and having issue in configuring Outlook account? You have tried to fix this issue so many times but fail and getting so much upset and disappointed with respect to this matter.

Don`t worry! In this situation it is common to get nervous and frustrated, but you know that worry and frustration does not matter. So in this case instead of frustration and worry you need to contact Outlook technical support team to get the complete technical tutorial to fix the problem in no time.

Let`s perform the steps to configure your Outlook email account on Mac:  

  1. Open up your “Mac device” and open Outlook email account.
  2. Locate the “Add account” option and click to the “Exchange account”.
  3. Click to the “New” and then click to “Exchange” option.
  4. Now type your email address and select user name and password.
  5. In the “User name box” type your complete email address.
  6. Type your password in the “Password box”.
  7. Make sure for Configuration automatically and then click to the “Add account”.
  8. You will perform Outlook account online on the Mac by searching it on the “Mail server settings”.
  9. Now click on the “Allow” radio button to Configure Outlook account settings on Mac device.
  10. Select “Always use my response for this server” click on the check box and then click “Allow” radio button.

Click on the “Account set-up” dialog box in order to set-up your Outlook account methodically.           

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