How to add another email account to outlook 2016?


Outlook account is basically one of the account that works as the default as well as the official account and hence whenever you think of using any service that is related to the Microsoft. If you wants to do anything in your device then the first thing that you need to do is to login to the outlook account after that only you will be able to use that particular service. Just in case you wants to to add more than one emailing account to the outlook then you have to simply follow the steps that are written below:-

  • In order to add another mailbox you just have to launch the Microsoft outlook 2016 followed by clicking on the file tab.
  • After that you have to simply click on the info tab followed by going to the account settings.
  • And then you have to move ahead to the account settings followed by selecting the current mailbox and then clicking on the change option.
  • Then you just need to go to the next screen followed by going to the more settings.
  • After that you just need to select the advanced tab followed by clicking on the add button.
  • Then you jut need to type in the name of the mailbox followed by pressing on the ok button.
  • Then you will see that as the name of the mailbox is created, you have to click on the add option as well on the apply option.
  • Then you just need to finish the wizard followed by clicking on the next button and then on the finish option on the change account screen.
  • At the finishing step you have to simply close the accounts settings screen followed by selecting the new mailbox in the mail.
  • As you do as written above then you will be able to add another mail account and once you feel that you are not able to do as written above or you get in to any other trouble the you always have an option of contacting the experts from the company.

And for doing that you have to call the outlook toll free number, by doing so your call will be connected to the people who will be having a lot of knowledge regarding your issues. So do not hesitate to talk to them or in telling your issue to them because if you contact them, they will give you the best possible solution in no time.