How to delete all calendar entries in Outlook?


Microsoft outlook is an information managing tool created by Microsoft is also used as an email web portal. outlook offers a friendly interface to the users to use and is preferred by people all around the world

Steps to delete all calendar entries :-

Step 1

To delete the the calendar entries on outlook first the user need to log into the account

Step 2

Followed by the above step the user then click on the option “calendar” under the option “my calendars”

Step 3

Further you can just scroll down to select the calendar that you want to delete and then just right click on the option.

Step 4

After that the user will notice a pop up window where the user have to click on the option “ delete calendar” .

Step 5

Now the user have to click on “yes” option to confirm the earlier step.

Step 6

To delete all the entries the user have to again go to “my calendars” and then click “calendar”

Step 7

After that the user have to click “change view” in the “current view” group,which is present on the view tab on the screen.

Step 8

Then the user have to click on the “item list” and then have to press CTRL+A to select the whole list

Step 9

Finally the user can delete by clicking on option “delete”.

By following the above mentioned steps the user can easily delete the calendars as well as the calendar entries in outlook. If the users still pertain issue related to the same or come across any other technical issue then the user can contact the outlook support, support team has a skilled team of technicians .the experts are always available for the users to seek help. The experts are well trained for all the possible issue related to outlook. The customer service number is available on the official website of outlook.