How to do an Outlook mail merge from Excel?


The main use of mail merger is to create multiple documents at one go. These documents have identical layout, formatting, text, and graphics. Only specific sections for each document vary and are personalized. The Word document can create with mail merger includes bulk labels, letters, emails, and envelop. Mainly there are 3 documents involved in the mail merger process which are your main documents, data source, and merged document.

Here are the steps to create an Outlook mail from Excel –

Prepare data in Excel for mail merge

The important process in the mail merge is the setup and preparation of the data. The Excel Spreadsheet is used as the data source for the recipient list. All data should be merged in the first sheet and the column names in the sheet should match the field names you want to insert in the mail merger.

Start the Mail Merger process

In the Word file choose ‘File’ and then ‘New’. Now click on ‘Blank document’.

Go to the ‘Mailing’ tab and then to the ‘Start Mail merge’ group. Choose ‘Start Mail Merger’ and the kind of merger you want.

Now choose ‘Select Recipient’ and then select ‘Use an Existing List’.

Browser to the Excel Spreadsheet and choose ‘Open’.

If the Word prompts then choose ‘Sheet1’ and then ‘OK’.

Insert a merger field

Go to the ‘Mailing’ tab and then to ‘Write & Insert Field’ group. Now choose ‘Address Block’.

Choose a format for the recipient’s name in the ‘Insert Address Block’ dialog box. It will now appear on the envelope.

Now choose ‘OK’. Then select ‘File’ and after that click ‘Save’.

Preview and finish mail merge

Choose ‘Preview Results’ in the Mailing tab.

To move through the records choose ‘Next’ or ‘Previous’.

Now choose ‘Finish & Merge’ in the ‘Finish’ group. Choose ‘Print Documents’ or ‘Send E-mail Messages’.

Not able to do an Outlook mail merger from Excel? Contact the support team over Outlook support number. Support professionals are the best persons who can provide the exact kind of assistance for the solution.