How To Set The Reminder In Outlook?


Outlook is a perfect webmail account for the users that’s because they can share and send emails to the clients due to its amazing features and products. Apparently, Microsoft email account is quite easy to use by using any kind of the devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, and much more. It is well known by the numerous features that help multiple users to perform the process of sending, sharing, configuring and much more.

A user can make his personal account more personal by the help of setting an alarm clock. Its alarm clock informs you, your whole daily activities by which help you can be punctual and enormously proactive to complete the whole task on the correct time before the deadlines. To tell the truth, anybody can set to use reminders for a variety of other to-do items and can make his life quite easy and comfortable.

Thus, if you are the one striving to set a reminder in your Outlook email account, you can go for it effortlessly. At the meantime, in case having any difficulty in setting a reminder, Outlook technicians will help you with the optimum and easy tutorial to eliminate the issue on the correct time. So do hurry and set the reminder for all new appointments or meetings by the help of technician so that you can go through the steps thoroughly well.

To set the reminder in Outlook email account, follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, turn on your Windows laptop, and then launch Google Chrome Internet browser.
  • Go to the Outlook sign in page from where a sign in your Outlook email account with the help of correct email address and password.
  • Go to the inbox and then create a file and then go to the option and calendar.
  • Select and clear Default reminders under calendar options.
  • Select an email and then set it on the calendar tab.
  • Go to the calendar at the bottom of the screen and then click on the calendar.
  • Go to the group option and click on the email message and then select the reminder.
  • Click on the list of the task and then add a reminder to your to do list from the follow-up group.
  • It is possible to choose a time frame to meet the deadlines.
  • If required to remove a task reminder from your To-Do list, go in the Manage Task group, click Remove from List.

By this way, a user can set a reminder easily and can be very punctual forever. For more help and information, make a call at Outlook support phone number that is available all the time to access technician who fixes the issue at the right time.