How To Start Outlook In Safe Mode


Outlook is the modern era email service with latest technology and limitless capabilities. Official emails are sent in the most safest environment and user can do various other activities in the email account. Outlook user can create separate folder for storing emails or contacts and one can also change the text of the emails. Through email account settings manage the emails better and also access the email anywhere using any device and any other email client.

Now there are often occasions when the Outlook user faces trouble in accessing the emails. There can be various reasons behind Outlook account or email issue and also there are numerous troubleshooting steps to fix the Outlook issue. To fix the common issues like not able to access emails, email account opens slow, problem in incoming or outgoing of emails, etc. one of the way is to start the Outlook in Safe Mode. In Safe Mode probability of issue occurrences minimizes and user has make use of their email account in the best possible way. This article will provide the steps to start Outlook in Safe Mode and in case user is unable to do that, it is advised to contact the Outlook support for assistance.

To manually start Outlook in Safe Mode follow these steps –

  • Open the ‘Run’ dialog box on the system and press ‘Win + R’.
  • Next enter ‘Outlook/safe’.
  • For users having Windows 8 or the later versions can go to their ‘Start’ button and type ‘outlook/safe’.
  • Also if the user has the shortcut for launching Outlook hold ‘CTRL’ key and do it.

Most email support team or experts also suggest that to solve the Outlook account related problem start the email account in ‘Safe Mode’. What it does is that it loads the Outlook without the customization files and add-ins. If Safe Mode works user should be sure that problem existed with the add-ins or the files.

Let us look at some of the other methods to start Outlook in Safe Mode –

  • Hold ‘CTRL’ key to open Outlook.
  • Windows 7 users type ‘outlook.exe/safe’ in the search box and press enter.
  • If Run dialog is not displayed in the start menu then type ‘outlook.exe/safe’ in the ‘Open’ field and click ‘OK’.
  • Hold the Windows keys and press R. Type ‘outlook.exe/safe’ in ‘Open’ field and click on ‘Ok’.

Dial Outlook phone number for better assistance. Any type of issue is handled remotely by the support experts and then instant solutions are given. Once the user reaches out to the support team over the helpline number through remote assistance instant help for enabling Safe Mode is given.