How to sync between Outlook and Google calendar?


Google calendar is a useful tool to manage tasks or events just like Outlook. Google calendar is a product of Google while Outlook is of Microsoft. There was a time when they offered to sync between both but not now.

Let’s first talk about why do we need to sync Outlook with Google calendar. It would not be a good idea to keep two different calendars, doing this will end up leaving you confused. There are people who are using two calendars one for personal use and other for official use. People who work for two companies and they use different calendars for each. During this much busy schedule, you may need to see the task and events from both calendars, together in one place. You can follow the below mentioned instructions to sync Outlook with Google calendar.

  • Log in to your Google Calendar account.
  • Go to left side of the screen and click on “My calendars” this will expand the menu.
  • Click the down arrow button, can be seen just next to the calendar you want to add to Outlook.
  • Click on “Calendar settings”.
  • Go to “Under Private Address” and click on “ICAL”. This should be in Green background.
  • A web address will appear, you’d need to “Right-click” on that link and then click on “Copy shortcut”.


Warning: If you click the link, it will not sync and instead the calendar will open in Outlook as a Calendar Snapshot.

  • Now go to Outlook.
  • In Outlook, click on “File” then on “Account Settings” and again on “Account Settings”.
  • A tab will open named as “Internet Calendars” you’d need to click on “New”.
  • Here you should paste that address you copied from ICAL and click on “Add”.
  • In the “Folder Name” box, you can type the name of the calendar as per your desire, it will be shown with the same name in Outlook.
  • Give a name and click on “OK”

Now, once you launch Outlook, it will check Google Calendar for updates and it will download the changes which you made. If you can keep Outlook open, it will also check for updates and make changes automatically from time to time. The changes you will make in Outlook will not be sent to your Google Calendar. You’d need to open Google calendar from a browser to update the changes. There is a variety of software's available online for free to keep them synced.