Know about Outlook For IOS And Android


Know everything about Outlook for iOS and Android in simple word:

Outlook email account is quite easy to use and install on various devices with the help of correct email address and password. The Outlook app has been designed for the both iOS and Android in order to bring email, contact, and calendar together. In addition to this, when a user needs to get the file and enabling the users in the organization to do more with these two mobile devices even then he can manage Outlook email account easily.

Technicians says that better features mean better experience with the Outlook. So it is important for choosing better features and services in order to manage Outlook email on both iOS and Android device. If you are trying to set up Outlook on your Android device or iOS device but the concept would be essentially the same. But due to features and services, it would be quite differ than the others so careful for this. Below mentioned methods will provide you actual information to Outlook for iOS and Android device. Let’s see how it works.

Here are the ways to set up Outlook for Android mobile device:

  • Go to the Android device and select the settings if this is for the time you are going to do.
  • You can press the menu button and tap the settings and then select add account button.
  • Press on adding another email account and go to the search button and select one Outlook email account.
  • You can enter the full email address of Outlook account press continue button.
  • Click on the server button and enter the email address and add IMAP mail server finally.
  • Follow the same with the SMTP mail server and move to the next. 
  • Go for the two steps verification code and tap on the activation process.
  • Press allow button and select the contact, mail, and calendar button easily and enter the password at the last.

Here are the ways to set up Outlook for iOS mobile device:

  • Go to the settings and press add button and select add another email account.
  • Go to the search button and select the Outlook and enter an email address.
  • Select IMAP mail server and enter the same email address and press add button.
  • Follow the same for the SMTP mail server and press add button.
  • Select the contact, mail and calendar button finally and enter the password at last.

For more help and information, tech support engineers who are available at all the time and providing accurate support and guidance any time.