Microsoft Outlook Emails Stuck In Outbox


Here are some modes to liberate hampers when Outlook emails stuck in Outlook 2016

Outlook email account is considerably helpful to the multiple users for sending and receiving emails at any time. This is why generally, even a common user always desired to create his an email ID on Outlook account. It is one of the better platforms for securing and storing the multiple crucial data and does not let them lose and destroy by anyway.

Now on Microsoft Outlook has developed along with the latest version of Outlook 2016 that allow one to configure the previous Outlook email ID to the new version of Outlook email account. It is very simple to setup and configures on Outlook 2016 email account as it only requires to mention the both mail server information (IMAP/POP or SMTP). Subsequently, the users can send and receive emails from the clients smoothly with the help of Outlook 2016.

By chance, if someone faces somewhat issue and him unable to perform with the emails due to stuck then he is required to go through the troubleshooting task which liberated the hampers periodically.

To fix issues a user is required to follow the steps described below:

  • Go to the Outlook 2016 email account and then select the send and receive the tab.
  • Select the work off line and then select the Outbox showing on the right of the same page.
  • Move the message to the Drafts folder. One can either drag the message to the Drafts folder or he can right-click the message to select Move>Other Folder >Drafts folder from the list.
  • Then right click the message and select the Delete option.
  • If one receives this message "Outlook is transmitting the message" close Outlook and wait for it to exit itself.
  • Select the Send/Receive tab, and then select Work Offline to de-select it.
  • This restarts the connection automatically and then afterward it fixes the issue thoroughly.

Having followed the steps, in case, someone faces any other issue then he is in need to get in touch with Outlook customer support techies who are always approachable by the users to fix the issue at any time.

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