Outlook Not Connecting To Server


Follow the given process and solve outlook not connecting to server issues

Outlook as we all know is an information manager that is available in various suites and versions. On the other hand, outlook mainly is used for emailing service so that people can share their messages from one end to another and can communicate with one another. Besides, there are also various issues that comes up in Outlook that disables the user in accessing their email account.

Among all the technical as well as non technical issues there is one issue that is really common and occurs every now and then and i.e outlook not connecting to server issues. In this issue, the user face difficulty in connecting their account to the server and as a result the account doesn’t access properly and the the emails are not send or received.

Therefore, so as to solve this issue the user can simply follow the below mentioned steps correctly :

1.The user should make a check on the exchange server name as many times because of the wrongly entered server name this issue occurs. For this :

  • Go to the tools menu and select on accounts.
  • select the accounts option mentioned at the left side of the page.
  • Now the user need to verify their account setting.

2. The user should check the mode of their outlook. If it is in the off line mode, then the user needs to make it work online.

Also the user needs to check that whether the server working for Microsoft Outlook is enabled or not. For this :

  • Go to the tools menu in outlook.
  • Select on the accounts menu.
  • Now the user needs to go to the exchange account menu. If there is any issue in the server then there will be an light blinking.

Hence, if in case the user face any issue regarding these steps, then the user can simply contact its concerned representatives and can get their relevant information. The executives can be called at any time on their numbers or can be contacted via their emails.