Outlook Not Responding


Outlook, as a best email client provides flexibility in connecting with the professional software. It is actually designed to reduce the size of your mail box, but when the mailbox size is increased day by day, this will impact bad effect on the working of the Outlook program efficiently. Thus, outlook doesn’t respond properly and freezes when you send or receive any mail.

There are many causes when Outlook doesn’t respond properly. They may be:

  • Outlook is used by some other process.
  • May be your user profile is corrupted.
  • The size of your mail box is large.
  • Data files of outlook program have been corrupted.
  • Outlook can be conflicted by any other program.
  • Office programs need to be repaired.

Here are the solutions for the issue when Outlook is not responding:

  • Outlook can be run on Safe mode: For running outlook in safe mode, type Outlook / safe in the run command on the start option of windows, if it doesn’t create any problem then it is the issue related with add ins, disable them separately.
  • Add Ins of Outlook should be disabled: Go to the file menu, then options choose Add Ins from there and clicks go and uncheck the Add Ins.
  • Outlook.exe process should be end: Start task manager, go to processes tab and find outlook.exe, enter the end process button.
  • All programs and application should be closed: As a complex application, it needs a lot of resources, and if it doesn’t have enough memory then it lead to a problem of Outlook not responding. So all the other application should be closed.

There can be many more solution for the above issue, follow these solutions which are given above, if it doesn’t satisfy your problem then make contact to outlook technical support; they will provide you more solutions which will help you out.