Outlook Setup Auto Reply


Outlook is the web mail service with numerous email management features. Users are able to send emails faster now and also access the email attachments faster. There are various features also in the email account which enhances the performance of the email account. One such feature is automatic replies. User can set automatic replies and save time in sending similar messages to multiple users. Follow this article and look for the rules to set the automatic replies in Outlook.

Follow the steps to create Outlook message template for auto reply –

  • Open the Outlook account and click on ‘Home’ followed by ‘New Email’.
  • Now type the message for automated reply in the message body.
  • Click on ‘File’ then select ‘Save As’.
  • Now in the Save As dialog box, click ‘Outlook Template’ in the ‘Save as type’ list.
  • Type the name of the message template in the ‘File Name’ box and click ‘Save’.

Now there are various which need to be set in Outlook for the replies. Follow the steps –

  • Open the Outlook account with the correct login credentials.
  • Now click on ‘Home’, next on ‘Rules’ and followed by ‘Manage Rules & Alerts’.
  • Click ‘New Rule’ there in the dialog box.
  • Next under ‘Start from a blank rule’ click on ‘Apply rules on messages I receive’ and click ‘Next’.
  • Check the criteria under ‘Which conditions do you want to check?’ and again click ‘Next’.
  • Now under ‘What you want to do under messages’ tick the box for ‘reply using a specific template’.
  • In ‘Select a Reply Template’ box user will see another box as ‘Look In’. Click on ‘User Templates in File System’.
  • Select the template used in the previous section and click ‘Open’ followed by ‘Next’.
  • Next check the exceptions for the auto-reply rule and click ‘Next’.
  • Type a name for the auto-reply rule and click ‘Finish’.
  • User will be able to now see the message informing to send a reply automatically. Click on ‘OK’ and then again ‘OK’.

In the Rules Wizard, the rule of ‘reply used specific template’ sends automated reply only once during a particular session. It prevents the sending of repeated replies from whom the user might receive multiple replies. Once the user exists and restarts Outlook that is considered as to be the new session.

Now to setup Out-of-Office messages in Outlook follow the steps –

  • Open the Outlook account. Now click on ‘File’, then ‘Info’ and select the option ‘Automatic Replies (Out of Office)’.
  • Next click on ‘Send Automatic Replies’ and tick the check box for ‘Only send during this time range’.
  • Mention the specific time for the replies in the fields for ‘Start time’ and ‘End time’.
  • Now ‘Inside My Organization’ enter a message which will sent internally to the UCSD email addresses.

Contact Outlook support in case of any problem in setting up automatic replies. Efficient steps and rules for setting up the replies are provided by the support team.

Useful Link: Outlook Support Phone number to create automatic replies