Stop Outlook From Sending Multiple Emails


Microsoft Outlook is one of the best email services allowing users to link with their contact list effectively, keep contact details, and store the email for offline use also. While it is being used globally, the users may face certain technical issue which can occur unexpectedly. Thus the only option left with the users is to take Outlook technical support from the third party companies. The tech support team provides the solution in few moments and the client end up with a happy face. The unique and quality assistance provided solves the entire issue of the user facing in outlook account.

Why I get Double Emails in Outlook

Outlook keeps your emails organized and allows for offline email viewing. Outlook fetches typically e-mails and stores them locally on your computer so that a constant connection to the Internet is not required. It is an excellent choice for dial-up Internet users when e-mail can be downloaded while the connection is active, and then the e-mails can be read after disconnection. Sometimes, however, problems occur, such as receiving multiple copies of the same e-mails.

How Outlook Works

Your e-mail provider stores messages on a mail server for you. When a friend sends you an email, it does not travel directly to your computer. The message is stored on your server. When you start Outlook, it immediately checks for new messages on your provider’s server.

Multiple e-mail accounts

Multiple copies of the same e-mail account can cause multiple message deliveries. To ensure that you do not have an extra e-mail account, check your settings in Outlook.

  • Click “Tools” in the menu bar.
  • Then click “Accounts”.
  • Click on the “Mail” tab in the window that appears.
  • You should see your mail account with your provider listed once in this window.
  • If you see the account listed more than once, choose one of them and click “Remove”.


If somehow you are getting multiple emails from a sender then look open your task manager and look for multiple outlook programs running over there. Close such program and again start the outlook account by clicking on start menu and selecting outlook program. Outlook support can also play a major role in solving the issue with multiple emails. They have a dedicated toll free number available round the clock to get you out of any type of issues instantly. Just make a call on the toll free helpline number and get your problem solved in minutes.